At D2 we provide our clients with ongoing support and updates.  This section will be updated with regular news and content as well as downloadable resources to assist you and your business.

Introducing MyWave Connect

We have a wonderful resource for our clients which assists with up to date information in regards to legislation which could affect your business.  This is a go-to place for updates and advice.

Cyber Liability Services Overview

Modern technology has revolutionised the way organisations work, but with it has also come great threats. Here at D2 Corporate Solutions, we offer a robust range of cyber liability services to help protect your organisation from these modern day threats. We’ve put together a resource to give you a better idea of what we offer.

Succeed with Social Media

Social media has given organisations the ability to connect with customers like never before. Some companies have been built upon it but for some it’s been their downfall. We’ve put together a handy guide with some helpful tips to help your company succeed with social media.

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