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About D2 Corporate Solutions

As a fiercely independent insurance broker, D2 Corporate Solutions provides quality insurance solutions that are carefully tailored around the needs of each individual client. We provide clients with intelligent commercial and private insurance solutions, together with the reassurance of knowing that their assets, premises and possessions are fully protected against potential risks.

We have a committed team of industry experts who have the expertise to respond quickly to any customer requirement. Our aim is to provide quality, cost-effective insurance backed up by a reliable and highly professional service.

What we believe Our vision and values

Our Vision

We will be a profitable, high-growth business. All staff will have the opportunity to develop their careers and to achieve their personal ambitions in a demanding work environment where achievement is rewarded and it’s a great place to work. Our clients will have total confidence in us and we will be professional, friendly and courteous in all our dealings with business partners.

The D2 Way

We will be open, honest and transparent with clients, insurers and each other. We will work together to build a successful company. We will communicate clearly with clients and prospects so as they fully understand what they are/are not covered for. Success will be acknowledged, congratulated and rewarded. We will treat others as we expect to be treated. We will develop staff knowledge through encouraging progress with CII exams and CPD. Staff will develop knowledge in an ever changing world. We will know when we have made a mistake and act quickly to correct the problem.

What's Important to Us

We will be disciplined in our approach to what we do and detailed in the work we present to our clients and insurers. We will perform our duties with enthusiasm and always aim to achieve the best possible outcome. Clients, staff and insurers believe the information we give them and have no reason to question it. We value and recognise success. The career journey will be enjoyable for our staff and our Clients will be truly satisfied in all their dealings with us. We know what we are talking about. We will make decisive decisions in managing the business and advising our clients.

Our Management Team

Based in Glasgow and Manchester, our team is widely experienced in the insurance industry with backgrounds in both independent and global broking houses as well as Insurers.

All of our team are encouraged to take ownership and autonomy for their own client bank. We promote a professional environment to work in and all staff are encouraged to participate in industry qualifications.

We Love To Hear Words From Our Customers


At D2 Corporate Solutions we are fiercely independent, meaning that the only thing at the heart of every decision we make is ensuring that we serve the best interests of our clients.

We are a member of Compass which is a UK wide network of independent insurance brokers and this allows us to benefit from their enhanced collective strength, enhanced bargaining power and competitive premiums. Compass Network is the leading broker network in the UK, looking after insurance premiums totalling over £1 billion. Not only do our clients benefit from the competitive premiums that we are able to pass on but also through our access to enhanced insurance products and additional industry know-how and support.

For the complex and more difficult risks we have access to Compass' London Markets team in addition to the strong trading relationships with Lloyds of London that we have developed ourselves. An increasing number of companies now have representation overseas and our Compass membership allows us access to locally based insurance partners worldwide. We firmly believe that using an independent insurance broker, supported by one of the country's leading insurance broker networks really allows you to benefit from all the advantages of both.

member of compass network